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Style #: PXM-010

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The Classic PixelModa Watch is made from 100% silicone, which contains Tourmaline, the ionic material that boosts relaxation, vitality and mood. Not only is it extremely lightweight, but it also boasts 3 ATM water resistance, anti-perspiration slits, and an ergonomic shape with a flat back. Derived from Italy a couple years ago, the PixelModa watch has found itself on the wrists of today's top celebrities such as Oprah, Selena Gomez, Ashanti, and many more. With over 20 colors and 3 sizes in each, there's not a style you'll find that won't fit each personality and taste. 

Both the A and M buttons are inscribed on the back of the watch's battery. Press the A button twice and a number will appear on the top half of the display representing the month. Then, continue pressing the M button until the appropriate month flashes. Press the A button again and a number appears on the bottom half of the display. This represents the date, and you can press the M button to arrive at the proper date. Press the A button a third time, and the hour will appear, with the top half displaying the hour and the bottom half having an 'A' for AM or 'P' for PM. Press the M button in the back as many times as necessary to bring it to the desired hour. Press the A button again, and the minutes will be shown on the bottom half of the display. Again, use the M button in the back to bring it to the correct time. Press the A button one last time, and you will see the hour on top and the minutes on the bottom. If the logo isn't flashing in the center of the watch's display, you must continue pressing the A button until you go through all the settings again and you are back at the hour/minutes display. This usually means pressing the A button 5 times. If the logo is flashing, then the battery is running and your watch is good to go.
Two Year Warranty

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