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COLORS:>Blackberry DivaShy DollFunny RaspberryBold BlueberryEmbarrassed StrawberryGolden CheesecakePeaceful LavenderClear SkyRebellious LiquoriceEnchanted Cactus
Style #: DC01
Color White

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PIXELMODA is bringing to life a new style that entails innovative fashion candy-colored silicone rings that are centered with a genuine 2-point brilliant cut diamond, perfect for all girls with strong individual personalities that share one thing in common: a sweet love for diamonds. 

These delicious rings are made in Italy by skilled master goldsmiths and come encased in trendy eye-catching packaging with 12 colors to choose from. The Diamond Candy line represents different qualities fit for each lady; such as Blackberry Diva, Shy Doll and Rebellious Liquorice. Diamond Candy is able to become larger than life by allowing every girl to showcase their individual style. Retailing at $60, Diamond Candy rings have the perfect amount of sweetness needed to glamorize a girl's fingers for any occasion, and makes a perfect gift!

*No set up involved.*
Two Year Warranty

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